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Fear of Computers - How to Stop Being Afraid of Computers

getting started with a computer

At one time or another, most of us have experienced or heard about computers doing funny things. Some people can become very anxious when they contemplate using computers and fear they do not have the knowledge or ability to do so.

Lack of computer experience is one of the most obvious reasons for this anxiety. Using a computer and the Internet requires a certain amount of practice and perseverance. As you acquire more and more knowledge of computers along the way, you will automatically discover how useful using a computer can be in daily life. The Visual Steps books offer a lot of support for learning how to use a computer and surfing the Internet. These books are written according to the Visual Steps method. An important characteristic of this method is the way in which you receive step-by-step instructions, accompanied by visual aids by means of numerous screenshots of all the operations. In this way, you will see exactly where to click at each step and you will see the results of your actions right away. On the web page you can take a look inside a typical Visual Steps book. This will give you an impression of the special method used. If you are not experienced enough using the Internet, you can ask a more experienced computer user, for instance a family member, to help you view the web page.

Misconceptions about the computer and the Internet
Although there are many misconceptions about using a computer, these misunderstandings are often an important cause of fears and objections. Below we have listed a number of frequent misconceptions:

You need to be technical to be able to use a computer or tablet
Not true. It is important to attend a good basic course or use a good self-instruction book. A lot of the people who regularly send emails or surf the Internet have no technical knowledge whatsoever. By self-instruction or by attending a course they have learned the basics in how to use a computer or tablet.

You need to know how to type well
Not true. Expressing a sentence is often more time-consuming than typing the sentence. It is very easy to correct a text you have written in an email message, or a text editing program, such as Word. Besides, not many people will pay attention to typos when they are reading an email message.

Fear of Pressing the wrong key
Not true. Often, there are lots of security mechanisms in place, which will prevent you from carrying through any major changes without checking this first. For instance, if you accidentally delete a file, the computer will ask for confirmation. If you did not want to delete the file after all, you can click Cancel.

You can get hooked on using the computer of the tablet
Not true. For most people, the computer or tablet and the Internet are pleasant additions to their life.

You will always attract viruses and spyware to your computer or tablet when you open a website or an email message
Not true. Viruses and spyware are programs that can damage your device, but using a virus scanner and a firewall program on your computer can considerably reduce the risk of viruses and spyware. On a tablet you can download and install an anti virus app. As a computer or tablet user, you are responsible for the security of your device. For example, you can often set a security level in your Internet browser, with regard to the Internet’s access to your device. Is the sender of an email message unknown and do you mistrust the message? Then do not open the message and delete it at once.

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