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Instructors and training

All Visual Steps books are designed as self-study guides. They are also well suited for use in a group or a classroom setting. For this purpose, we offer free teacher's manuals containing information about how to prepare for a course (including didactic teaching methods) and testing materials. You can download these manuals (PDF documents) here.
Please note: The titles are listed in alphabetical order.

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We are happy to send out copies of the Visual Steps books to those who wish to review a text for possible class adoption. To qualify you need to be an educator in an academic institution or an instructor at a learning resource center or other educational facility. You may request up to two books per course for inspection purposes.
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[ top ]Computer Certificate for Seniors

Computer Certificate for SeniorsIn addition, Visual Steps offers online quizzes for seniors. A special certifcate is available to all individuals who can successfully answer the questions about the computer or computer related program.

The online quizzes are available at the website listed below: