Learn step by step how to work with OS X
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Author: Studio Visual Steps
full colourISBN: 978 90 5905 008 2
Book type: Paperback, full color
Number of pages: 296
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The Macintosh line of desktop computers and laptops from Apple has enjoyed enormous popularity in recent years amongst a steadily growing group of users. Have you recently found your way to Apple's user-friendly operating system but are still unsure how to perform basic tasks? This book will show you step by step how to work with the Mac.

You will learn how to use basic features, such as accessing the Internet, using e-mail and organizing files and folders. You will also get acquainted with some of the handy tools and apps included on the Mac that make it easy to work with photos, video and music.

Finally, you will learn how to change the look and feel of your Mac interface and learn how to set preferences to make it even easier to work on your Mac. This practical book, written using the well-known step-by-step method from Visual Steps, is all you need to feel comfortable with your Mac!

Learn how to:

  • perform basic tasks in Mac OS X
  • use Internet and e-mail
  • work with files and folders
  • work with photos, videos and music
  • set preferences
  • download and use apps

Suitable for: OS X Mountain Lion and Lion.

What readers are saying about Mac for SENIORS

...Each chapter begins with a bulleted list of the lesson's objective and concludes with exercises to practice that lesson, tips that expand further on the subjects, and a dictionary of terms used-highly useful!
I especially liked the tips with the Band-aid® icon to help panic-stricken novices realize they did not break the computer. Each reminded me of when I was a fearful newbie afraid I'd done irreparable damage to my computer...
- Karen S., rewarded with five stars in the Golden Gate Computer Society Newsletter of October 2012

I highly recommend this book, Mac for Seniors, for people who are new to the Mac, and for people who might be new to using computers. I certainly wish that I had this book by my side when I got my first Mac. It even has a companion web site where you can download some practice files, and get additional information. Itís well worth the money and, more importantly, well worth the time to work through it with your Mac...

...The first thing I noticed about this excellent book was the comfortable large font that makes this book very easy to read. In good light, I didn't even need my reading glasses. The book is well designed for easy reading. The layout, illustrations, and colours are well thought out to be easy on the eyes and to convey information easily. There were no complicated or convoluted explanations to slug through or wonder about.
- Jim T., MUGS Book Reviews

Visual Steps

Mac for SENIORS is written using the acclaimed Visual Steps method. This method features the following:

  • Content - the special needs and requirements of the beginning user with little or no technical background have been taken into account.
  • Structure - self-paced, learn as you go. Proceed step by step with easy to follow instructions. What's more, the chapters are organized in such a way that you can skip a chapter or repeat another as desired.
  • Illustrations - plentiful use of screen illustrations to show you if you are on the right track.
  • Layout - large sized book and large print make it easy to read.

The Studio Visual Steps Authors

The Studio Visual Steps team of authors consists of different professionals, all thoroughly experienced in their subject field.