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What people are saying

Visual Steps has received many customer reactions regarding the books and instructional materials that have been produced. Here is a small selection.

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Microsoft Office

“I am half way through the book and really finding it great. Awesome, thank you. I tried lots of other titles on Excel but they were very confusing. I went out and bought your Word book also and learnt heaps even though I have used a computer for twenty odd years. Many thanks.”
- Mary from New Zealand 2016

iPad, iPhone, Mac

“Thank you for publishing the Tips and Tricks for the iPad for seniors.
Since we bought the book, we can clearly understand the concept of using an iPad. We didn't even know the meaning of wireless WiFi a couple of months ago. Now we can show other seniors how to use the iPad.
Enjoying the book very much and thanks again.”
- Doug and Linda Elliot 2014

“...Each chapter begins with a bulleted list of the lesson's objective and concludes with exercises to practice that lesson, tips that expand further on the subjects, and a dictionary of terms used-highly useful!
I especially liked the tips with the Band-aid® icon to help panic-stricken novices realize they did not break the computer. Each reminded me of when I was a fearful newbie afraid I'd done irreparable damage to my computer...”
- Karen S., rewarded with five stars in the Golden Gate Computer Society Newsletter of October 2012

“I highly recommend this book, Mac for Seniors, for people who are new to the Mac, and for people who might be new to using computers. I certainly wish that I had this book by my side when I got my first Mac. It even has a companion web site where you can download some practice files, and get additional information. It’s well worth the money and, more importantly, well worth the time to work through it with your Mac...

...The first thing I noticed about this excellent book was the comfortable large font that makes this book very easy to read. In good light, I didn't even need my reading glasses. The book is well designed for easy reading. The layout, illustrations, and colours are well thought out to be easy on the eyes and to convey information easily. There were no complicated or convoluted explanations to slug through or wonder about.”
- Jim T., MUGS Book Reviews

“Technology can be overwhelming to those out of the loop. “iPad for Seniors” is a reference and how to guide for those who aren’t entirely sure how to work newer technology, such as the iPad and other devices like it. Tips within allow readers to navigate the menus, connect to the internet, connect with family, and enjoy the many things that the iPad is capable of. Presented in full color and with illustrations that anyone can understand, “iPad for Seniors” is a strong pick for computers and technologies collections.”
- Midwest Book Review / Wisconsin Bookwatch June 2012

“I just finished this book and although I have owned my ipad 2 for a year and am not quite a senior, the information and tips were very helpful. There were quite a few things that were new to me.I just want to say that this book was well written and the information was very easy to understand. Thank you!”
- E. Held

“iPad for SENIORS: Get Started Quickly with the User Friendly iPad uses larger print, color screen shots throughout, and shorter step-by-step teaching to help seniors more easily absorb the basics of navigating screens, connecting to WiFi, and surfing the Internet using the iPad. From downloading apps to handling photos, videos, and more, the color-coded and easy directions assume NO prior computer or iPad knowledge and are so easy that many a non-senior new to the iPad environment will want to use this manual as the best possible user-friendly choice for learning basic iPad functions. Very highly recommended!”
- Midwest Book Review / California Bookwatch April 2012

“This is the easiest to follow manuel I have ever used! Set up like a class room text book with help everywhere! Because of the clarity I just ordered the "More Windows 7 for Seniors" by the Visual Steps company.”
- Mary E Reynolds

“Got this iPad book as a companion to my iPad 2 - it is really useful.
Big font size, color pictures on every page and a clear presentation on how to use the iPad 2. Great tips I have learnt is how to link all of my e-mail accounts in one Mail application accessible with one touch, how to find great Apps and working with iTunes to synchronize my books and PDF's with the iPad 2. An awesome iPad guide, which doubles as an iPad manual - if you are looking for a great iPad book to learn how to use the iPad, this is it; you learn something new about the iPad, every time you open this iPad book!”
- M. Gorczynski

“A comprehensible and easy going way to learn all about the different opportunities of the iPhone. This book is suitable for every iPhone user. ”
- H. Reid

[ top of page ]Windows 8 books

“I recommend your books to all of my "senior" friends. When we purchased our first computer 5 years ago, I relied completely on all of your books for Windows Vista. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!”
- Pat Monroe

[ top of page ]Windows 7 books

“Windows 7 for Seniors is a top recommendation for any senior who wants to begin using computers from scratch, and teaches the basics of email, web surfing, and customizing computer settings. Plenty of black and white screen shots accompany every step while larger-sized text makes it easy on senior eyesight. The pages of tips offer quick resolution to common problems - such as being unable to print - and include keys to saving documents and more, while exercises at each chapter's end reinforce knowledge.”
- Midwest Book Review/ California Bookwatch May 2012

“Thank you! I am a senior computer instructor. I have been teaching seniors for over 10 years. I needed to catch up with the new operating system, Windows 7. I went to the library and found 3 books: Microsoft windows 7 simplified, Windows 7 for seniors, and your Windows 7 for seniors.
You can't compare the other two instruction books to yours; they were too complicated for seniors. However, your manual was superior, the other two failed the test. They were much to difficult for seniors. Need to look at your other manuals.”
- Sharon, Boston, MA

“As a computer instructor for Wake Technical Community College I try to provide the best education and keep my classes current and well informed. While Visual Steps publications are the best publications for seniors, they provide informative guidance to everyone. ”
- Jerry Glenn. Computer Instructor, Wake Technical Community College and Northern Wake Senior Center

“I am a senior who has been volunteer teaching other seniors how to use computers since 2002 when I retired from classroom teaching.
I am constantly reading computer books so that I can impart the latest knowledge to the seniors I teach.
I am delighted to read and use ideas from your Senior series of books. I am constantly asking our local library to purchase your books and I always encourage seniors whom I assist to go to the library and to sign out your books. Please tell the authors that they are doing an amazing job. I always look for your books in the neighboring libraries within our local area. When we go to Florida for four months, one of the first places I check out is the Library in our area to see if your books are there.
Keep up the great work for Seniors. I am a true believer in lifelong learning and I continually encourage seniors to do so, also.”
- Sheila McDermott

“I belong to an active computer club in the Hill Country of Texas. During several of our recent meetings the new OS (Operating System) Windows 7 has been discussed. At a current meeting several publications were presented to the group, one of them was "Windows 7 for SENIORS". The book is published by "Visual Steps" and provides a support website. I have used publications from this publisher in the past and found them to be very informative and cover the topics and shortcuts very well. It is the fastest way to become familiar with a new OS or other computer topic and because it is written for Seniors it has extra details provided. It is a fast and effective way to be updated and stay in tune with the times. These comments provided to you by an 81 year old senior that is trying to stay in the flow of things.”
- Ed W. Campbell, Independence, KS USA

[ top of page ]Windows 7, Vista and XP

“Protect, Clean Up and Speed Up Your Computer for Seniors: Use the Protection, Clean up and Optimization Tools Available in Windows requires no special software, no special computer knowledge, and no special eyesight in order to prove a top pick for seniors using computers. It provides the basics of protecting a system from viruses and spyware, from setting up Windows Firewall and security options to restoring a system after problems. The self-paced arrangement and large-size print is accompanied by big, clear screen shots that leave nothing to the imagination. The result is a top recommendation that addresses one subject in depth but uses an easy structure any senior will find much more accessible than the usual computer owner's tome.”
- California Bookwatch/ The Computer Shelf July 2012

[ top of page ]Photos, Video and Music

“If you're looking for a tool to teach Picasa to newcomers, this thoroughly designed visual method teaches the method of using Picasa for photo editing and publishing pictures online. A great companion for self-educating and keeping up with technology.”
- Sarah D

““Finally, a book of computer related instructions that uses plain English coupled with clear illustrations. After familiarizing myself with it, I recommended it to a “Picasa” nights school instructor acquaintance who conducts a course (Picasa) designed for senior students. This was one of the most valuable learning acquisitions I've ever made.”
- Seniorpicasa

“I have put my WW2 Army photos on to a DVD with narration and music (thanks to your book Photos, Video and Music with Windows Vista for SENIORS), Steven Spielberg would be very proud of me. I recommend your books to everyone I speak to who want to know more about computers. They are the best tutorial literature around today.”
- Henry Marks

"This is a very easy to understand book and if you have ever tried to read a computer manual you know what I mean . Instructions are very percise and they show you in pictures every step to take. I have learned all sorts of fun things to do on my computer from making my own cd's to making scrapbook pages of my grandchildren. I have purchased 3 books in their series and have been pleased with each one. even though I am a 60 year old senior I would certainly recomend it for any age computer user. "
- oldies listener

"I would like you to know that I am finding your book Digital Photo Editing for Seniors accompanying PhotoStudio 5.5 extremely helpful. I am unable to make any useful suggestions, I will just say that it takes one through the functions of 5.5 to perfection. Many thanks."
- Harold G. Gear

"I have bought several books on digi photog and a lot say they give you step by step instructions, but not like this one. They not only tell you step by step, but show you exactly what it should look like on your computer so you know that you are doing it right. This book is for anyone of any age who is intersted in the subject. This should be the first book on the subject you should buy if you are a newbee."
- Jennifer D. Desrochers

"This is a great book! I teach PC/Digital Camera classes in an adult ed setting and see this as a breakthrough volume. I'm working at convincing management to incorporate this as a required text/course.

A key is that it INCLUDES a powerful editing software program. In classes, we use the SW that is resident on the lab PC's, so students are sent home to practice with either an unrelated product, or they are off to the store to face the dozens of choices for purchase at up to $100.

Too bad the cover and title cater to seniors. This book is valuable for any one interested in the subject of digital imagery, not just Geezers. Hopefully however, that cover will interest more seniors who should buy this book and plod, yes plod, through it because learning something new ain't always easy, at any age.

This book and the included Arcsoft program will guide users through very basic and simple editing functions like cropping and brightening their treasured images--alone worth the purchase price. But, what's surprising to me is the fact that some of the most advanced aspects of editing are covered, like cloning and the use of layers which are true pro-level features.

Purchasing a "latest" comparable entry level program like "Photoshop Elements", or "Paint Shop Pro" at around $90, plus an explanatory step-by-step book at about $30, would be overkill when this all-in-one solution is available for under $20!

Perseverance is required for anyone learning something new and potentially complex, but this book should be considered by anyone of any age group."

"I find this book extraordinarily useful in two respects: it includes the software that it is teaching, and the lessons are carefully designed to lead the ignorant learner through unfamiliar processes. Terms are defined, and ample opportunity is given for practice, to achieve good results.
A prime volume for someone who wants to know something about digital photo editing. NOT a book or application that someone who either already has another, more powerful application, or for those who have no patience with reading directions."

"Hi there Addo,
My wife and I have recently purchased your book on the above subject and felt we should congratulate you on such an excellent product. We have been working through the chapters and are amazed at the accuracy and clearness of the instructions which makes a very welcome change as most IT manuals usually drive us mad. Even the installation disc ran first time! As digital photography is our latest hobby we can't wait to put your lessons into practice. Thank you once again."

"I thought photo-editing on the computer was something only for the truly ambitious! After I picked up your book and gave it try, I am pleased to admit that I feel like I am an "almost expert". Thanks Addo!"